Terms & Conditions


I.Confirmation and Acceptance of Service Terms

1.1 The ownership and operation rights of all electronic services provided by Bassmall.com belong to "Bassmall.com". The services provided by this website will be strictly implemented in accordance with the published service terms and operating rules. By confirming all service terms and completing the registration process, this agreement between you and this website is established and legally effective, and you become an official user of this website.


1.2 According to changes in national laws and regulations and the operational needs of this website, Bassmall.com has the right to modify the terms of this agreement and related rules from time to time. Once the modified content is published on this website in any form, it will take effect and replace the relevant content before. You should pay attention to changes in this website's announcements, prompts, agreements, rules, and other related content from time to time. You acknowledge and confirm that if you do not agree with the updated content, you should immediately stop using this website. If you continue to use this website, you are deemed to be aware of the changes and agree to accept them.


1.3 The terms marked in bold in the content of this agreement should be read carefully. By clicking the "Agree" button, you are deemed to fully accept this agreement. Before clicking, please confirm that you have fully understood and comprehended all the contents of this agreement. 


II.Service Notice


1.This website uses its own developed operating system to provide users with services such as purchasing goods through the international internet network. To use this website, you must:


(1) Prepare the necessary equipment for accessing the Internet, including personal mobile phones, tablets, modems, routers, etc.


(2) Bear the personal telephone and internet fees related to this service.


(3) Choose a software version that matches the installed terminal device, including but not limited to multiple Bassmall.com application versions such as iOS, Android, and Windows.


2.Based on the importance of the network services provided by this website, you acknowledge and agree that:

(1) The registration information you provide is true, accurate, complete, and legally effective, and should be updated in a timely manner if there are any changes.



(2) If the registration information you provide is illegal, untrue, inaccurate, or incomplete, you shall bear the corresponding responsibility and consequences, and Bassmall.com reserves the right to terminate your use of all services on this website.


 III. Orders


1.By placing an order on this website, you represent and warrant that you have the legal capacity to purchase the relevant products and the ability to act accordingly. If you are under the age of 18, you must register and use this website under the supervision of your legal guardian. By placing an order, you are deemed to have met the above conditions and are responsible for the accuracy of all information provided in your order.


2.When placing an order, please carefully confirm the information including the name, price, quantity, model, specifications, size, contact address, phone number, and recipient of the purchased goods. If the recipient is not the same as you, the recipient's actions and intentions will be deemed as your own, and you will be jointly responsible for the legal consequences of the recipient's actions and intentions.


3.You understand and agree that the product and pricing information displayed by the sellers on this website is an invitation to offer. When placing an order, you must fill in the quantity, price, payment method, recipient, contact information, delivery address (place of performance), and method of performance that you wish to purchase. The order information generated by the system is data automatically generated by the computer information system based on the information you provided, and is only an offer made by you to the seller. After the seller receives your order information, a contract is only established between you and the seller for the actual goods that have been directly shipped to you from the warehouse (marked by the goods leaving the warehouse). If you order multiple products in one order and the seller only ships part of the goods to you, a contract is only established between you and the seller for the actual goods that have been directly shipped to you. A contract for other goods in your order will only be established between you and the seller when the seller directly ships those goods to you. For digital products such as e-books, digital music, and online mobile top-ups, a contract is established once you place an order and pay the purchase price. If you place an order and pay the purchase price for consumer goods, a contract is established between you and the seller for the part of the order that has been paid.



4.Despite the seller's best efforts, due to market changes and other factors beyond reasonable commercial control, this website cannot avoid situations where the goods you ordered are out of stock or the price is marked incorrectly. If the goods you purchased in your order are out of stock or the price is marked incorrectly, you have the right to cancel the order, and the seller also has the right to cancel the order. If you have already made payment, a refund will be issued to you.


IV.Delivery and Shipping


1.The goods you purchase on this website will be delivered to the shipping address you specify on this website. The delivery time listed in the order information is a reference time, estimated based on inventory status, normal processing time, delivery time, and delivery location. You should provide accurate and complete delivery information, including your shipping address, contact person, and contact information. You acknowledge and confirm that the goods you purchase should only be received by the contact person you provided after identity verification. Any losses caused by changes to your contact person or related delivery information shall be borne by you.


2.This website will not be responsible for delayed delivery or inability to deliver due to the following reasons:


(1) The customer provides incorrect or incomplete address information;


(2) The goods are not signed for or refused upon delivery, resulting in the cost of repeated delivery and related consequences.


(3) Force majeure, such as natural disasters, adverse weather, government or judicial actions, decisions, or orders, unexpected traffic accidents, strikes, changes in regulatory policies, violent crimes such as terrorism, robbery, looting, and sudden wars, etc.



3.The goods you purchase on this website will be delivered by a third-party delivery company (including DHL, EMS, etc., hereinafter referred to as "delivery company") to complete the order delivery. The sign-off time recorded in the system or documents is the delivery time. If the goods you purchased are delivered through online transmission, the time the seller sends the system to you is the delivery time. If you purchase services, the time stated in the generated electronic or physical voucher is the delivery time.



V. Protection and Authorization of User Personal Information


1.You understand and agree that, in order to facilitate your use of the services provided by this website, Bassmall.com will store the necessary information you provide during use, including but not limited to your real name, gender, date of birth, delivery address, contact information, address book, photo album, calendar, location information, etc. Except as required by laws and regulations, Bassmall.com will not disclose your personal information to any third party without your permission. Bassmall.com takes professional encryption storage and transmission measures to protect the security of user personal information.


2.You understand and acknowledge that, when registering for an account or using this website, you need to provide true identity information, and Bassmall.com will conduct real identity authentication based on your mobile phone number in accordance with relevant national laws and regulations. If the information you provide is not true or complete, you will not be able to use this website or may be restricted during use. Any adverse consequences resulting from this will be your sole responsibility.



3.When you use a specific service provided by this website, that service may have a separate agreement or relevant business rules (hereinafter referred to as "Separate Agreement"). Please read and agree to the relevant Separate Agreement before using the service. Your use of the aforementioned specific service shall be deemed as your acknowledgement and acceptance of the relevant Separate Agreement.

4.You fully understand and agree that:

(1) You will receive order information, promotional activities, and other content sent to users and recipients registered on this website through email, SMS, phone calls, or other forms;


(2) To cooperate with administrative and judicial authorities in their enforcement work, Bassmall.com has the right to provide the relevant information stored by you when using this website to the above-mentioned administrative and judicial authorities within the scope of legal requirements, including but not limited to your registration information, or use relevant information for evidence preservation, including but not limited to notarization and witnessing;


(3) Bassmall.com protects your right to be informed and to choose in accordance with the law. In the process of using this website service, services related to the functions of your device will seek your consent in advance. Once you confirm, Bassmall.com has the right to enable necessary auxiliary functions including but not limited to collecting geographic location, reading address book, using camera, enabling recording, etc. to provide the service;



(4) Bassmall.com has the right to decide, based on actual situations and within the scope of legal requirements, the maximum storage period of data for individual users in this website and services, the storage period of user logs, and to allocate the maximum storage space for data on the server.


VI. Code of Conduct for Users


1.You agree to strictly abide by laws, regulations, and rules, and fulfill the following obligations in accordance with the law:

(1) You shall not create, transmit or publish any illegal information or materials that: oppose the basic principles established by the Constitution, incite resistance or sabotage the implementation of the Constitution, laws and regulations; endanger national security, disclose state secrets, subvert the state power, undermine national unity, incite the overthrow of the socialist system; harm the honor and interests of the country; distort, vilify, blaspheme, or deny the deeds and spirits of heroes and martyrs, and infringe upon the name, portrait, reputation, and honor of heroes and martyrs; advocate or incite terrorism, extremism and their activities; incite ethnic hatred, discrimination, and damage ethnic unity; undermine the state's religious policies, promote cults and feudal superstitions; spread rumors, disturb economic and social order; spread obscenity, pornography, violence or incite crimes; insult or slander others, infringe upon the legitimate rights and interests of others; or other content prohibited by laws and administrative regulations.



(2) You shall prevent and resist the production, replication, and publication of bad information and materials containing the following content: titles with serious exaggeration that do not match the content; inappropriate comments on natural disasters, major accidents, and other disasters; inciting discrimination against groups of people or regions; promoting vulgar, mediocre, and pandering content; violating social morality; infringing upon the legitimate rights and interests of minors; and other content that has a negative impact on the online ecosystem.

2.This agreement is formulated in accordance with relevant national laws, regulations, and rules, and you also agree to strictly fulfill the following obligations:

(1) When transmitting data and information from the United States to other countries, you must comply with relevant US regulations.


(2) You shall not use this website to engage in illegal and criminal activities such as money laundering, stealing business secrets, and stealing personal information.


(3) You shall not interfere with the normal operation of this website, nor shall you invade this website and the national computer information system.


(4) You shall not transmit or publish any illegal and criminal, harassing, defamatory, abusive, threatening, harmful, vulgar, uncivilized, and other information and materials.


(5) You shall not incite others to engage in illegal and prohibited behaviors under this agreement and platform rules.


(6) You shall not use the registered account on this website for profit-making business activities.


(7) You shall not publish any content that infringes upon the personal information, copyright, trademark, and other intellectual property rights or legitimate rights of others.


3.You shall be responsible for your online speech and behavior, and if you disseminate and spread reactionary, pornographic, or other information that violates national laws on this website, the system records of this website may be used as evidence of your violation of the law.


VII. Rules for Using the Website


1.Obtaining and Updating Mobile Client Software:

(1) You may obtain the Bassmall.com mobile client software directly from the Bassmall.com website or from third parties authorized by Bassmall.com. If you obtain software from a third party that is not authorized by Bassmall.com or an installation program with a name similar to the Bassmall.com mobile client software, Bassmall.com cannot guarantee that the software will function properly, and will not be responsible for any losses incurred as a result.


(2) In order to improve user experience and enhance service content, Bassmall.com will continue to develop new services and periodically provide you with software updates. After a new version is released, older versions of the software may no longer be usable, and Bassmall.com does not guarantee that older versions of the software will continue to be available or that corresponding customer service will be provided. Please check and download the latest version at any time.

2.Unless permitted by law or with the written permission of Bassmall.com, you shall not engage in the following actions during your use of this website:

(1) Deleting information about copyright on this website and its copies;


(2) Reverse engineering, reverse assembly, reverse compiling, or attempting to discover the source code of this website by any other means;


(3) Using, renting, lending, copying, modifying, linking, reproducing, compiling, publishing, establishing mirror sites, or engaging in any other form of use of the content owned by Bassmall.com's intellectual property rights;


(4) Copying, modifying, adding, deleting, linking, running or creating any derivative works of the data released to any terminal memory during the operation of this website, the interactive data between the client and server during the operation of this website, and the system data necessary for the operation of this website. The forms include but are not limited to using plugins, add-ons, or third-party tools/services not authorized by Bassmall.com to access this website and related systems;


(5) Modifying or falsifying instructions or data during the operation of the website, adding, deleting, or changing the functions or operating effects of the website, or operating or disseminating software or methods used for the above purposes, regardless of whether these actions are for commercial purposes;


(6) Logging in or using this website and its services through third-party software, plugins, add-ons, or systems not developed or authorized by Bassmall.com, or creating, publishing, or spreading the above tools;



(7) Interfering with this website and its components, modules, and data by yourself, authorizing others, or third-party software.


VIII.Section Eight: Breach of Contract Liability


1.If Bassmall.com discovers or receives reports or complaints from others that you have violated the provisions of this Agreement or engaged in any malicious behavior, Bassmall.com has the right to delete or block the relevant content at any time without notice, and may impose penalties on the violator's account based on the circumstances of the behavior, including but not limited to warnings, restrictions or prohibitions on using part or all of the functions, account bans, cancellations, etc., and announce the results of the handling.


2.Bassmall.com has the right to take appropriate legal actions according to reasonable judgments against behaviors that violate relevant laws, regulations, or provisions of this Agreement, and report relevant information to relevant departments in accordance with laws and regulations. You shall bear all legal responsibilities arising therefrom.


3.You understand and agree that you shall bear sole responsibility for any claims, demands, or losses asserted by any third party as a result of your violation of this Agreement or related service terms; and if Bassmall.com suffers any losses as a result, you shall also compensate for them.


4.Unless otherwise expressly stated in writing, Bassmall.com does not make any form of express or implied statements or warranties (except as otherwise provided by the laws of the United States) regarding the operation of this website and the information, content, materials, products (including software), or services contained on this website.


IX.Ownership and Intellectual Property Rights


1.Once you accept this agreement, for any form of information content (including but not limited to customer reviews, customer consultations, various topic articles, etc.) provided, uploaded, created, and published on this website by you, such as text, comments, pictures, photos, videos, audio, you grant Bassmall.com and its affiliated companies an irrevocable, exclusive, global, and perpetual license to use copyright (including but not limited to reproduction rights, distribution rights, rental rights, exhibition rights, performance rights, screening rights, broadcasting rights, information network dissemination rights, filming rights, adaptation rights, translation rights, compilation rights, and other licensable rights that should be enjoyed by the copyright owner), portrait rights, user ID names, and all related legal rights and interests until the end of the protection period. Bassmall.com has the right to exercise its own litigation subject qualifications, rights, and interests and has the right to collect evidence and file lawsuits against third-party infringement actions. You agree that Bassmall.com and its affiliated companies have the right to store, use, copy, modify, edit, publish, display, translate, distribute, promote, publish, issue, and disseminate the above information content, and have the right to adapt and produce derivative works, and incorporate the above information into other works in known or future-developed forms, media, or technologies.


2.You should ensure that all types of information content posted on the Bassmall.com website under Article 9, Paragraph 1 does not involve the infringement of third-party portraits, privacy, intellectual property rights, or other legal rights and interests. Otherwise, Bassmall.com has the right to take measures including but not limited to deletion, disconnection of links at any time.

3.This agreement constitutes a written agreement that licenses the rights to use copyright and other property rights under the "Copyright Law of the United States" and related laws and regulations. Its effect applies to any copyrighted content you publish on this website, whether before or after the conclusion of this agreement.


4.You agree and fully understand the terms of this agreement and promise not to publish or authorize any other entity to use the information published on this website in any form (including but not limited to use on various websites and media).


5.Unless otherwise required by law, without the express written consent of Bassmall.com, no individual or organization may illegally copy, reprint, quote, link, grab, or otherwise use the information on this website in whole or in part, otherwise Bassmall.com has the right to pursue its legal responsibilities.



6.The information published on this website (such as text, charts, logos, button icons, images, sound file fragments, digital downloads, data editing, and software) are the property of Bassmall.com or its content providers and are protected by Chinese, American, and international copyright laws. The compilation of all content on this website is the exclusive property of Bassmall.com and is protected by American and international copyright laws. All software on this website is the property of Bassmall.com, its affiliates, or its software suppliers and is protected by American and international copyright laws.


X.Jurisdiction, Applicable Law, and Other Provisions


1.The formation, performance, interpretation, and resolution of disputes arising from this Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the United States. In the event of a dispute arising from the content or performance of this Agreement, the parties shall make every effort to resolve it through friendly negotiation.


2.If any provision of this Agreement is deemed to be invalid, illegal, or unenforceable for any reason, such provision shall be deemed separable and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of any remaining provisions.



3.Bassmall.com reserves all other rights not expressly granted in this Agreement. You must obtain Bassmall.com's written permission to exercise these rights. Failure by Bassmall.com to exercise any of these rights shall not be deemed a waiver of such rights.

















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